Business Referral Gift Card

Challenging times in Business aren’t they?

Reps are scattering in every direction. missed sales and not knowing why…..
Heres something to put a smile back on your face…..

Cards4all offer your salesmen and women an exciting new marketing tool that’s been successfully used in the US for a number of years, to generate better prospects and more sales.

As you know, your prospects are jaded, ignoring all the standard marketing schemes. Sending out pamphlets, newspaper adverts, radio and TV advertising, aside from expensive cost, most of it ends up IGNORED or in the rubbish bin UNREAD.

You need something which will capture peoples’s attention.  Something that pays them to do business with you.  Afterall, it is really about “What’s in it for me?”

Cards4All have established a concept that has not been seen in your industry, in this country before. It’s a Gift Card!

That’s right a Gift Card,  a Business Referral Gift Card.
It works because you captialise on meeting your client and give them the incentive to do business with you.  Don’t loose my card…

You don’t pay the money up front, what you are offering is a reward for doing business after the sale is completed.  Your business Gift Card is more than a full electronic Gift Card, it has your business details on it.

It is the legendary WIN – WIN situation, you reward the client for doing business with you – in a fashion that they understand.
When you have these Gift Cards, you use them like a business card.

Place Your Business Card on Steroids

The cool thing about a gift card with $$$ value on it is,  it has  STICKABILITY

It is a quality card that has a face value of $500 or another value you determine.  You can write on the back, telling the prospect what you are offering.  You determine the value you want to reward your clients with….

  • We supply you with business gift cards with your name, company and your Dollar value on it.
  • You hand the business gift cards to any prospective client you choose or send them in the mail to excite your customers……..
  • When you close a sale with that client you load the pre determined value onto the card via either eftpos or online…….
  • Your client can then shop at ANY store that has an eftpos terminal.

Even the best Salespeople “miss” business. They encounter prospective buyers and sellers, they visit briefly, hand them a business card, and never hear from those people again.

When you give someone a Gift Card instead of a business card they……  WILL use it. Whether you give your Gift Card to people at an “open house,” a social event, a networking function, or standing in line at a grocery store just talking, your Gift Card, with your name and number on it, will ensure they do not lose or misplace it before they do business with you.

How can your competitors compete with that?

The good thing about this program is you can gauge how effective it is by tracking the number of cards that are used. The really good news is that this program costs so little that just one or two sales will pay for it.

You can have your Business Referral Gift Cards, in as little as a week or fully customised with photographs (about 4 weeks).

Move into a refreshing new world of  Record Sales!

Contact Us or your local Agent for further details and information.

View our Portfolio Page. for Business Referral Cards.

Further answers to any pre – questions you may have can be found here at FAQ.

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