Loyalty Program

Cards4all-in1 is the loyalty reward system you’ve been waiting for!

  • Low cost implementation
  • No ongoing contractual costs
  • No ongoing fees
  • Stand alone or computer integrated
  • Prints reward on card
  • Custom Image cards

Cards4all-in1 is the ‘all-in-on’ solution for loyalty, bonus points, rewards, pre-paid, lay-by and gift cards.

Loyalty Program

Stand-Alone Mode

  • The unit can work with any PET card.
  • Customers can use all the branches with one PET card.

PC Mode

  • A PC is added to Stand-Alone Mode to use a customer management program.
  • A user can store customer’s name, address, telephone, birthday, etc. into a customer management system.
  • A user can sort out customer list easily with various standards such as gender, anniversary, sales amount, etc. and send SMS text messages to customer’s mobile phone.

Contact us on 1300 69 1066 for enquiries about the Cards4all-in1 Loyalty System.

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