About eftpos Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs

The Cards4all directors and shareholders have a vast knowledge of the eftpos gift cards industry, and have a business background combined with extensive marketing skills.

Eftpos Gift Cards

Cards4all Pty Ltd is a private innovative Australian card marketing, issuing and management company that distributes a range of electronic cards.  These products include eftpos gift cards, loyalty cards, reward cards, account cards, membership cards, payment cards and some emerging technologies. Cards4all’s focus on the Retail Card Programs and Business Card Programs enables any size business in virtually any industry at all levels, to participate in what is rapidly becoming a critical product for all retail, wholesale and overall business marketing.

The growing phenomena of card programs, their flexibility and their results is incredible. Cards4all Pty Ltd was formed on March 15th 2006. To create eftpos card programs for small retailers within Australia including products promoted as eftpos gift cards, business gift cards, incentive gift cards, pre-paid gift cards, real estate gift cards, loyalty cards, rewards cards, account cards, fund-raiser and membership cards.

The first product was an entry level retail eftpos gift card. Produced in volumes as a pre-printed product to reduce costs to the retailer and then later personalized with the business details.  Further products were developed and released over the years including variations of gift cards and full custom creations in relatively small volumes.

Re-loadable Pre-Paid Cards

Re-loadable products such as account cards, loyalty cards and fuel cards were released and have been met with great interest. Cards4all brings together a highly motivated team of professionals with a broad range of talents from a number of relevant industries. Team members have leading-edge expertise in payment card processing, financial management, Internet application development, multimedia design, software engineering related to complex data processing systems, retailing and customer service operations.

Backed by an innovative drive and propelled by a unique combination of talent and experience, Cards4all delivers complete solutions to diverse disbursement or e-payment situations across all industries.