Gift Card Solutions

Gift Card Solutions

Because our Cards are based on the eftpos system, this enables any size business to participate and it is with pride that we “level the playing ground”, so that small and medium business can continue to compete with the larger corporate companies.

The simplicity of only using the eftpos terminal in any given business allows cards4all to enhance all retail outlets offer this new, dynamic service to customers. It means that there is no need to upgrade their current Point of Sale system or incur costs or retraining.

Due to the makeup of our company, Cards4all, has the requisite experience in, and access to, all facets of marketing. This includes broadcast concepts such as Telemarketing, Multi-Media, Internet Marketing, IT based applications, etc. and Agents to service our clients on a personal, local basis. Cards4all is a nationally based company operating from Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Through its operating network, Cards4all continues to provide a wide range of services to a diverse range of industry groups (chemists, fuel outlets, sports stores, liquor outlets, marine outlets, variety stores, real estate groups, wellness and beauty spas, sporting groups, health food stores, insurance brokers, fitness gyms, fishing tackle outlets, finance and loan brokers) and operates in all states across Australia.

Card Issuing:
The company’s card-issuing platform and web services are complemented by a full range of value-added services that include enrolment and value loading applications, cardholder servicing, financial reporting, risk management, project management and ongoing relationship management.  Flexibility is built into Cards4all’s offerings, enabling commercial clients to quickly and easily configure these services, enabling competitive differentiation, adaptation to unique program requirements, and assisting customers to capitalize on new product opportunities and ensuring their business success.

Innovated Electronic Payments:
Already a market leader, Cards4all is committed to continually developing innovative electronic payment products that serve a broad range of markets and are delivered on a stored-value platform using host-based technology. The company maximises the use of the internet to deploy critical service applications and customer support.  Customer support is available through our website, continuously 24 / 7 to provide information, and enable the reporting of lost cards, card problems or simply find a card balance.

Online Reporting Function-
It is difficult to publish accurate, timely reports with traditional voucher systems. This function often cannot be carried out until after a cut off period and all reconciliation administration completed.  It is not uncommon for organisations to have limited knowledge of their level of exposure to traditional vouchers in the market at any time.
Gift Card reporting is on line and real time, thus the merchants and head office have access to reports at all times, As the system is fully automated, the data is instantaneously transmitted to the transaction hub and the organisation can now know exactly what their exposure is at all times.

Card holders funds are held in a bank account with our authorised deposit holding institution.

Cards4all is able to make the transition to e-commerce an easy one, by assisiting companies with the necessary strategic and tactical planning and the integration of electronic business processes. Procurement Strategy – Cards4all, using testing and proven best practice procedures, are able to assist organisations in developing short, medium and long-term strategies for the future direction of a company’s procurement.