Gift Card Programs Australia Wide

The gift-giving market is larger than $100 billion. Retail Gift Cards outsell all other categories of goods. More gift sales than clothing, music, toys or games. This is why they are referred to as the Worlds Most Popular Gift. Retail Gift Cards are a growing phenomenon as these cards are being used as a replacement for traditional paper gift certificates. Consumers have strongly adopted this product, the awareness and sales of gift cards has grown rapidly.

Consumers appreciate the added convenience that a branded gift card delivers – NO MISTAKES in the gift choice and so simple and easy to purchase. Our product is professional, secure, attractive and well received, making these programs more effective than individual store sponsored paper based certificates.

Corporations have also adopted gift cards as an employee incentive, corporate gift, and promotional product. Cards4all provides a turnkey gift card product to allow businesses to take advantage of this opportunity.

Gift Card Features and Benefits:
The Gift Card is a prepaid gift card that is purchased by a gift-giver and presented to a gift recipient for their use.  Cards4all have a variety of standard products and can work with an merchant to create a unique gift card program that meets the merchant’s goals. The gift card can be used as a consumer product or corporate product.

Product Features:
•    Prepaid card
•    Gift packaging for delivery
•    Accepted at any EFTPOS merchant
•    Message from gift giver on card and card carrier
•    Choice of card designs and full custom presentation
•    Gift-giver defined value or set by the Merchant

Distribution Methods:
•    Business-branded Web site
•    Bulk commercial sales – promotional activities
•    Convenience for the gift giver and recipient
•    Ability to use in store wherever typical cards are accepted
•    Flexibility as where to spend the gift

Merchant Benefits:
•    New revenues from existing customers – consumers or commercial clients
•    Expansion of client base as existing customer introduce new customers with cards
•    Cost-effective web and telephone delivery
•    Turnkey solution with advice and support
•    Rapid implementation and low start-up costs

10 Reasons why your business should use Eftpos enabled Gift Cards

  1. Gift Card recipient chooses what they want, this eliminates returns.
  2. 60% of customers spend more than value on card. Average bought value $80.
  3. Prepaid Gift Card means sale is already yours.
  4. Unique feature , we can arrange for your branded “Card4all” Gift Card to be sold at other retailers; loading is via their Eftpos, thus promoting your business to customers of other retailers and the money is locked to your store.
  5. Non paper voucher system, means: reduced fraud, and no copied vouchers. Gift card can be loaded with virtually any amount, we recommend minimum $30 up to $1000 (more with documentation). Gift card recipient can spend how they want; in one go or gradually over 12 months.Smart, modern, your business branded plastic Gift Card is like the “big guys”, includes user PIN.
  6. All your branded cards pre-programmed so any loaded value can only be used in your store(s).
  7. Low cost entry options.
  8. NO extra software, and minimal training as cards operate on your existing Eftpos terminal.
  9. Platform run by an Australian ADI provides security and integrity.
  10. Bonus: ability to track online the cards sold and stored.