Custom Gift Cards

Custom designs can be just about anything you like. Cards4All supply templates to help you and lots of information and advice about designing from scratch. If you explain what you like, we will send preliminary designs, so you can see how your cards will look. Once we find the design, we will send you final art proofs.

Many things can be done for your custom design cards and offer you the ability to really stand out in a crowd and excite your customers!

The front of the card can be designed with many different concepts and all the colours of the rainbow, plus startling metallic and high gloss reflective surfaces. All cards are opaque with the general terms and conditions (and other features) on the back.

Please Note: The back of the card is reserved by Cards4all, to communicate such messages as the general use of the card. For example, can only be used at the issuing store, does not work with ATM, cannot take cash out of card, etc. Terms and conditions vary with the type of card. If the Merchant requires their own terms and conditions, then this is best placed on the front of the card so as not to be confused with or lost amongst, the general terms and conditions governing the use of the card.

While unique eye catching designs command attention, just as important is the content you place on your card! Communicate what the card is. So if it is a gift card, tell the customer that, better yet, put a gift box or the like on the front to show them.  This will make it sell simply, without anyone having to point out how the card benefits the customer. **Remember, our cards have NO VALUE on them until after you load that dollar value onto them.  This means they can be presented throughout the store and the cash register – maximise your sales!

When thinking about colour consider first the “branding” you have in place already.   Small businesses have already moved into “branding” of the business without realising it, A florist may be using a pretty blue in their windows, business cards, etc. A garden store may be using green to link to the psychological link associated with lush beautiful foliage.  Go with a colour that your customers can link to you.

Apart from that, you may consider simple effects such as a white card  which generally makes Logos and Photographs stand out.  Others prefer really striking colours of pink and yellow or shiny.  We don’t recommend the use of very dark colours as it may not stand out, reducing the impact of the cards.  Shiny cards include the gold, silver, chrome and other metallic effects.  These do stand out and make very striking backgrounds or bold lettering for example.  Bare in mind each of these “special effects” is an additional cost, over and above the base price of a card, for each card purchased, however you will stand out in a “crowd”.

What works on one scale, does not always work on another. Most obvious is small text, which you want to be readable, becomes unreadable due to shrinking to fit the space which you want it in. Remember not everyone has great eyesight either.

Legal Issues to consider when ordering your “Gift Card”
“gift card” reference

There are differences between giving a “gift” and providing a commission. As soon as you remove the “gift” reference, you change the nature of the card. There may be immediate TAX REPORTING and LEGAL implications which I’m sure you would like to avoid. As it stands, the gift is tax deductible business expense (for you) but doesn’t have to be reported other than that. The person getting the gift may not need to declare it.

If your card indicates a dollar value amount, it is required that you reward your client with the full value of the offer. Many of our customers using incentive cards to generate new business or maintaining contact with clients make use of the “up to” concept to barter a great deal for their client and still keep a big offer on the card.

In summary, the best advice is KISS  
(Keep It Simple Silly).
Generally we maintain the CONCEPT of the card in the top left, the substance of who what where in the middle-bottom right and distribute additional information where it will fit.

This is how people process information.  They start reading from the top left and go through to the bottom right corner.

So the best way to setup your card is to
TOP LEFT:              what the card is about
BOTTOM RIGHT:   who you are

Cards4All art department is always happy to assist. To look into the FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions, there are many answers about cards and design.

Quick Tip – one way of judging these things is printing them onto paper, cut them into separate images,  then put them a distance away and see which one still conveys the message  you wish to send to your customers.

View our Front Page Portfolio for examples of custom cards already produced for our clients. Together with our Cards4All Office on the Gold Coast, we have Agents located throughout Australia, ready to expand your business into the future!