Eftpos Gift Cards Supplier Australia

Cards4all Pty Ltd is an Australian eftpos gift cards marketing, issuing and management company that distributes a range of electronic funds transfer cards. Including loyalty cards, rewards cards, gift cards, account cards, membership cards and some emerging technologies.

Our focus on Retail Card Programs and Business Card Programs enables any size business in any industry sector, to participate in what is rapidly becoming a critical product for all retail, wholesale and overall business marketing. The growing popularity of giftcards, their flexiblitiy and results for your business is incredible.

Gift Cards are not just a form of currency , but the single most powerful and cost effective marketing tool your organisation can implement.

Programs are constantly being developed and Cards4all tailor-make individual programs to meet the needs of our clients.  We strive for the best program to make you competitive and profitable!

A gift cards program allows you to save money, save time (saving even more money), reduce human error and streamline your business.  Making it more competitive, more profitable and better at meeting your customer’s needs.

We do this by being flexible, innovative and low cost. Cards4All show you the simplicity of these programs, operating on equipment, you already have.

Any size business can participate in our systems and rapidly profit  from the latest technology. No need to change your equipment, or upgrade your current point of sale system or pay the costs of retraining staff.

Our technology will work on the eftpos you already have! Read more on Cards4All as we have the answers for your business needs, future growth and development.

  • The Cards4all VISA Gift Card is issued by Indue Ltd ABN 97 087 822 464 (Head Office located in Brisbane). Cards4all Pty Ltd ABN 99 118 809 886 is an agent of Indue.
  • Eftpos gift cards and Re-loadable ATM cards are issued by Cards4all Pty Ltd. Funds loaded on gift cards are held by Indue Ltd, an Approved Deposit Institution subject to the supervision of Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority.